Our investment philosophy is simple: Markets are efficient and you can’t time the market. We believe in balancing long-term growth with enough short-term stability so you can weather all market conditions.

What you may be thinking:​

Am I taking too much risk in my portfolio?

Why do my investments pay capital gain distributions?

Do I have too much cash sitting in the bank not working for me?

How much are my investment fees and are there better options?

Is my advisor “fee-only,” or does he earn commissions by selling me something?

Is my old annuity still appropriate for me?

What’s on our agenda:

The Importance of Fee-only Fiduciary Advice

Reviewing Investment Fees

Tax-Efficient Investment Proposal

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Annuity Audit

Alternative Investments Opportunities


You’ll have a chance to to visit with one of our dedicated team members to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals.

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