There are many ways to give, whether that’s through your time, knowledge, or assets. What matters most is that you are supporting causes and organizations that align with your values. We will help put you in a position to maximize your impact by ensuring you have a tax-optimized charitable giving strategy. Less money to the IRS means more money to charity.

What you may be thinking:​

What’s the most tax-efficient way to give to charity?

Can I donate to a charity while creating an income stream to live on?

I give to charity, but don’t save any taxes. Can you help me to itemize my return?

How can I create a culture of giving in my family that lasts for generations?

I have required distributions from an IRA that I don’t need for income, what options do I have?

I want to give to charity. Can you help me select and vet an organization to support?

What’s on our agenda:

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Donor-Advised Funds

Charitable Remainder Trust Strategies

Deduction Stacking

Charity Research Assistance


You’ll have a chance to to visit with one of our dedicated team members to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals.

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