Our mobile app, HolisticView, provides a convenient way for you to view your holistic financial picture from anywhere at anytime.

A Holistic Approach to Technology

Our mobile app for clients is designed to provide seamless access to financial information – making it available at your fingertips. It’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to track your investments, view your portfolio performance, and get real-time updates on transactions, holdings, and projected income.


The app also facilitates direct notifications from your financial advisor, making it easier for you to stay updated on important information about your accounts. With our user-friendly interface, the app simplifies and consolidates data across all accounts, including those held-away, making it easy for you to get a holistic picture of your financial standing and manage your financial situation – anytime and anywhere.

Key Features

Performance Reporting

See the most recent trades and transactions on your accounts, including performance, current portfolio holdings, cost basis, projected income, and more.

Secure Notifications

Your advisor will send you secure messages when important documents are uploaded to your vault for your review or when it's time to set up an appointment.

Digital Vault

Access important documents in a secure way that leverages our digital vault and protects your privacy.

Sync Held-away accounts

Add held-away accounts to your portal for a comprehensive and integrated look at your full financial picture.

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